A Catastrophic Injury Can Stop You In Your Tracks. We Can Help.

A serious injury has permanent effects — changing the lives of both the victim and their family members. Whether it’s a brain injury, a spinal cord injury, a broken limb or another disabling injury, it will render whole families scrambling and searching for answers and help.

At Sharp & Attanasio, Attorneys at Law, attorney Ron Attanasio has helped families find the best path forward after a debilitating injury. We understand just how widespread the pain can be, and we work with clients to find justice and compensation when an injury is the result of the negligence or carelessness of another. Located in Knoxville and operating in the surrounding Tennessee counties, we provide the attention and care needed to move forward with your case.

Over Three Decades Of Experience Helping Those Injured And Their Families

After more than 30 years of providing service to the seriously injured and their families, we understand the impact such an event could have. For every case we take on, we start with a basic overview of the facts and proceed from there.

Every case is unique, and every injury is different, but our approach rarely wavers: we get to know you and your goals, and we figure out how to best maximize your compensation while minimizing the waiting and uncertainty.

Whether we go to a jury trial or reach a settlement beforehand, we always operate with your best interests in mind, and work diligently to get you the compensation you need to cover your medical bills, lost wages and future care.

Call Us For A Complimentary Case Evaluation

A serious injury requires constant attention. We can help you make sure you’re getting it. We’re selective with our cases, and we don’t get paid unless you do. For a consultation with an experienced lawyer, call us at 865-951-7468, or schedule it online.