Signing The Divorce Paperwork Isn’t The End Of The Road.

The divorce process can be long and complicated, particularly if (as is often the case) the two parties are not very friendly. However, just because all the documents are signed and sealed, it doesn’t mean that the process is over. Many times, issues can arise days, months and even years after the divorce is finalized, ranging from custody disputes to financial disagreements.

In these situations, an experienced lawyer can help guide you through the challenges and make sure that your interests are being protected. Attorney Ron Attanasio at Sharp & Attanasio, Attorneys at Law, has helped clients deal with post-divorce matters for over 30 years, operating in Knoxville and across Tennessee. We provide your case with the attention it deserves.

Solving Problems That Emerge After A Divorce

Post-judgment actions are frequent after a divorce. Attorney Ron Attanasio has helped clients with:

  • Child custody and support matters
  • Postnuptial Agreements
  • Modifications in Judgments
  • Contempt matters

As lives change, so do circumstances. Many times, a parent wants to relocate because of a new job or partner, yet may be unable to do so due to existing custody or alimony obligations. Whatever the situation, we can help you work through the necessary steps, so that you’re not stuck in a difficult position.

We Can Help You Figure Out Your Next Steps

While divorces often seem final, the effects and repercussions can echo for years. Attorney Ron Attanasio will help you determine how to best proceed, while furthering your goals. To schedule a consultation, call us at 865-951-7468, or schedule it online.