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What to include in an effective estate plan

Estate planning is sometimes something that people shy away from but they should not. Having an effective estate plan in place can provide peace of mind for the estate planner and their family that they have everything taken care of to ensure assets are distributed according to their wishes and other important considerations have been addressed.

There are several different components of an estate plan that estate planners should be familiar with. Estate planning may seem overwhelming or complex but it can be fairly straightforward and involves several important documents that are included in an overall and complete estate plan. Each estate is different so each estate planner should be familiar with estate planning tools that can help and trained guidance can also be beneficial to determine which estate planning tools are best for the estate planner's situation and circumstances.

How to spot a brain injury

Because brain injuries are so serious, it is important for victims and families to know what to watch for when a victim has been injured in a car accident or other traumatic accident. Each day, 138 Americans die from injuries that include brain injuries so victims should be familiar with all the resources available to help.

Victims of brain injuries should be familiar with brain injury symptoms and their legal rights when they have suffered a brain injury because of the negligent or careless actions of another party. Potential symptoms victims of brain injuries may suffer can include numbness; weakness in the arms or legs; excessive drowsiness; severe headache; slurred speech; dizziness or loss of vision; loss of consciousness or confusion; and vomiting or nausea. Brain injury victims should seek medical attention when experiencing the symptoms of a brain injury.

When can I challenge a will?

There are a variety of reasons that may cause an interested party to challenge a will and if you have concerns about a loved one's estate, you may wonder when and how you can challenge a will. Will challenges are not generally terribly successful but there are several valid reasons to challenge a will if family members or other beneficiaries have concerns.

Typically, anyone with an interest in the will can challenge it, however, spouses are the most common party to challenge a will. A will may be challenged on the basis that the estate planner executing the will lacked the testamentary capacity required to do so. To have capacity to execute a will, the estate planner must be 18 years old or older. In addition, they must meet additional requirements including that they know the extent of their property; they know who their beneficiaries are; they understand the import of their actions and the disposition of their property in the will; and meet other requirements as well.

Protections for victims and families of victims of car accidents

Wrongful death legal protections serve an important purpose. The circumstances of a car accident may leave victims and their families feeling like they have very little control, however, important legal protections can help them take back some of the control over their lives they may feel has been lost in an unexpected car accident.

In circumstances of a fatal accident , wrongful death legal protections are a resource to protect surviving family members when their loved one has been wrongfully killed. Surviving family members may be able to recover compensation for damages including medical and funeral expenses, loss of support and services and lost prospect of inheritance, among other damages depending on the circumstances. When family members have suffered the loss of a loved one due to a negligent driver, wrongful death legal protections protect family members.

Tips for asset division in divorce

Divorce can be an emotionally traumatic situation, but it can also have a significant impact on your personal finances. If your spouse was the sole breadwinner, you may be anxious about your financial future. On the other hand, if you were the provider or have higher earnings than your spouse, you may worry that your spouse will try to take a disproportionate share of your assets in the split.

Regardless of which side of the financial picture you come down on, everyone facing a divorce wants to obtain the best outcome in terms of financial freedom. There are a few key ways you can protect your assets in a divorce, and if you make an effort to employ these strategies, you can have a better chance of coming out ahead.

Legal help for victims of brain injuries

Brain injuries can be suffered in car accidents and other traumatic accidents. Traumatic brain injuries can set victims back physically, financially and emotionally and can leave them changed for the rest of their lives. As a result, it is essential for brain injury victims and their families to be familiar with legal protections available to them.

Traumatic brain injuries contribute to approximately 30 percent of all injury-related deaths and are a major cause of both death and disability in the United States. Each day in the U.S., 153 victims die as a result of injuries, including traumatic brain injuries. Brain injuries, depending on how severe they are, can have a lasting effect on victims. Traumatic brain injuries can result in altered mood and personality and can cause the victim to have difficulty working or performing everyday tasks.

Legal resources for victims of truck accidents

Truck accidents can visit devastation on victims and their families. The average commercial truck can weigh more than 25 times the average passenger vehicle it shares the roadway with which is why truck accident victims and their families need to be familiar with the legal protections available to them if they are harmed in a truck accident.

During 2006, the U.S. Department of Transportation reported that 106,000 victims were injured in truck accidents and 4,9995 victims were killed in fatal truck accidents. Truck accidents can take place for a variety of reasons but when a truck driver or trucking company has negligently caused a truck accident, one or both of them may be liable to compensate victims for the damages they have suffered. Victims and their families may be able to recover medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost wages, loss of support and services and pain and suffering damages depending on the circumstances.

What is a trust and how is a part of an estate plan?

Trusts are an important tool that can be used as part of an estate plan or to help manage property during the estate planner's life. If you are considering a trust as part of your estate plan, you may have many questions about what they do and how to set one up.

Though it may seem confusing or complex, the creation of a trust is a fairly straightforward and easy-to-understand process. A trust is created when the property owner transfers legal ownership of the property to a person or institution that serves as the trustee for the trust. The trustee manages the property for the benefit of another party referred to as the beneficiary. The trustee has a fiduciary duty to look out for the best interests of the beneficiary. An important requirement of a trust is that the property must be transferred into it for it to become effective.

The different legal options to help victims of car accidents

There are two primary legal methods that can provide help to victims of car accidents. The first is a personal injury claim for damages following a car accident and the second is a wrongful death claim for damages following a fatal car accident.

As this blog has recently discussed, wrongful death legal protections can help victims of fatal car accidents recover compensation for the damages they have suffered as a result of losing their loved one. A claim for damages can help surviving family members with the medical costs that may remain, the funeral costs they may have to face and with some of the other losses they have suffered as well.

Common causes of big rig collisions

Any type of motor vehicle accident can result in serious injuries and deaths, but truck accidents are particularly deadly. When a semi-truck collides with a passenger car, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian, the aftermath may be catastrophic.

Large truck crashes occur for a variety of reasons, including driver mistakes and mechanical errors. Take a minute to learn the top reasons that big rig wrecks happen.

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