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What makes a will valid in Tennessee?

A valid will serves as an important foundation for any effective estate plan. Because there are rules associated with what makes a will valid, it is essential when estate planning for estate planners to understand the requirements for a will to be valid in Tennessee.

A will sets out how the estate planner wants their property to be distributed. If there is a problem with the

Personal injury protections for victims of brain injuries

The consequences of a brain injury include physical, financial and emotional damages to victims which is why it is important to understand the personal injury protections and rights of victims. There are 1.7 million traumatic brain injuries in the United States each year which result in emergency room visits, hospital stays and, unfortunately, deaths.

A brain injury is serious and can be either an open or closed head injury. In some circumstances, it may be difficult to immediately understand the severity of a brain injury and amount of medical care and cost that will be needed to treat one. Victims and their families should be familiar with the symptoms of brain injuries and what to watch for. Signs of a brain injury include confusion and memory difficulties; severe headaches; nausea and dizziness; tiredness and sluggishness that is unusual; and weakness or numbness on one side of the body.

Estate planning is important for everyone

Though people may be reluctant to address estate planning needs, it is an important consideration that should not be overlooked. Effective estate planning can help down the road and save family members challenges during a time period that is already filled with understandable anguish and emotions.

Estate planning is important for everyone and for any size or type of estate. Regardless of the size, estate planning can help ensure the state planner's wishes are fulfilled and that family members do not have to sort everything out for themselves which can sometimes lead to conflicts and disputes during a difficult time. In addition to a will and trust documents, which help dispose of property and assets, additional estate planning documents are also helpful for any type of estate planner to have.

Tennessee is a fault insurance state

If you have been in a car accident, you likely have no question as to who was at fault and what happened. The account recorded on the police report will hopefully confirm your confidence in your own perspective. Unlike some other states, Tennessee is a fault insurance state, which means that you can make a claim against the other driver's insurance policy.

This is important for a number of reasons. In a no-fault state, a driver can only file a claim with his or her insurer. Because you can pursue damages against the other driver, though, you should understand how to maximize your chances of success and navigate the legal process following a car accident. 

How do I protect myself following a car accident?

It is important to keep careful records of every aspect of your car accident to help ensure you preserve a personal injury claim for damages against the driver responsible for causing the accident. You don't have to decide what you want to do right away but it is important to be familiar with personal injury protections and how they can help with the unexpected costs and challenges of a car accident.

Car accident victims can suffer significant physical, financial and emotional damages following a car accident. Victims can recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering damages following a car accident which is why it is important to preserve that option. It begins by taking careful notes of the accident as close to it occurring as possible. It can be helpful to think of the car accident as a timeline and write down what happened according to the timeline.

What are wrongful death legal protections?

Brain injuries and other catastrophic injuries are an all-too common occurrence associated with car accidents and other types of motor vehicle accidents. Brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and other serious injuries suffered in a car accident, such as broken bones and the scarring that can accompany these injuries, can change the lives of victims forever.

Because catastrophic injuries can alter a victim's life in unexpected ways and can have a life-long impact, it is important that they are familiar with legal protections available to them. Brain injuries in particular can change a victim's personal and professional lives and may require ongoing treatment and care. Brain injuries can disrupt the victim's personality and mood and impact their personal relationships. Brain injuries can also disrupt the victim's cognitive function and leave them unable to perform daily tasks they used to perform with ease.

What are wrongful death legal protections?

Wrongful death resources are available to help surviving family members of victims of car and other accidents who are wrongfully killed. What exactly is a wrongful death claim and how can it help loved ones following the devastating loss of a family member?

A fatal motor vehicle accident can take everything away from a family in an instant. A wrongful death claim for damages can be brought on behalf of surviving family members by the estate of the lost loved one for the benefit of surviving family members who may suffer financial and emotional harm as a result of the loss of their loved one.

Understanding the serious dangers of distracted driving

Distracted driving is a dangerous behavior that can result in car accidents, injuries and death. Distracted driving is considered any activity or behavior that the driver engages in that diverts the driver's attention from the roadway. Unfortunately, it can include behaviors drivers engage in every day.

Distracted driving refers to three main categories, including visual distraction, manual distraction and cognitive distraction. Visual distractions refers to any activity that removes the driver's eyes from the roadway, including adjusting a radio, operating a GPS or looking at a cell phone, among others. Manual distractions refers to when the driver removes their hands from the wheel and \include eating or drinking while driving, grooming while driving or holding a cell phone, among other behaviors.

3 reasons to hire a lawyer after a car accident injury

Car accidents are shockingly common throughout Tennessee. One recent fatal accident occurred on May 5th, and a 78-year old man faces charges of homicide, reckless driving and aggravated assault for the incident. 

Fatalities make up a minority of car accident results in the state. However, plenty of people sustain injuries following a car crash. Even if you believe it is a cut-and-dry case, such as the other driver clearly being at fault, you should still hire an attorney to handle the minutiae of the case. 

The significant cost of brain injuries

Brain injuries can be costly and complex to treat for Tennesseans. Because brain injuries can have both cognitive and physical impacts on victims, they can be challenging to care for. Victims may suffer personality and emotional changes, mood disruptions and sensory deficits. In addition, they may not be able to complete common daily tasks, they did not struggle with before and may be unable to work.

Because of the impact of a brain injury on victims, victims and their families may be left struggling, following a traumatic accident that resulted in a brain injury. Often, in-home care and rehabilitative care may be required to recover and heal from a brain injury. According to estimates, mild head injuries can cost $85,000 to treat, moderate head injuries can cost $941,000 to treat and severe head injuries can cost $3 million to treat.

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