A Defective Product Can Cause You Serious Harm

Improperly designed or defective products can cause serious, even irreparable injuries. Whether it’s due to an industrial or commercial product, an injury is an injury, and it can derail your life as you struggle to recuperate. In these situations, you may be entitled to compensation from the product’s manufacturer or a third party, and an experienced lawyer can see to it that your case is taken seriously.

For over 30 years, attorney Ron Attanasio of Sharp & Attanasio, Attorneys at Law, has been helping clients recover significant verdicts and settlements in Knoxville and throughout nearby Tennessee counties. We’ll help you pursue compensation, while also seeking to pressure product manufacturers to create safer products.

We Will Fight These Companies On Your Behalf

Establishing that you’ve been hurt by a defective product can seem fairly straightforward: just prove that the product is defective, and that the defect caused your injury. However, doing so in practice can be far from simple.

Attorney Ron Attanasio will work swiftly on your behalf in order to establish these points and pursue your claim. Throughout the years, we’ve recovered substantial compensation in cases involving:

  • Dangerous machinery, including cases involving plumbing and welding
  • Harmful workplace equipment
  • Poorly designed consumer products

A dangerous product should be subject to a recall, and we pursue all our cases with the goal of obtaining compensation and creating a safer environment.

Do You Believe You Have A Products Liability Case? We Can Help You Find Out

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