Helping You Through The Probate Process

After a person passes away, a Will often has to be “probated.” As part of the estate administration process, the executor of the estate has several responsibilities during probate. In cases without a Will, it’s necessary to administer the estate, or assist an individual with becoming an administrator.

At Sharp & Attanasio, Attorneys at Law, we can help you through these processes. We understand that losing a loved one can is difficult, both emotionally and financially. Over the course of three decades of legal practice, attorney Ron Attanasio has helped clients in Knoxville and nearby Tennessee counties distribute assets and property after the passing of a loved one.

What We Can Do For You

In cases that involve a Will (testate), we can work with the executor to determine the value of the estate and work to have these assets distributed among beneficiaries.

If your family member passed without a Will (intestate), we can help you determine who the beneficiaries are while creating the structure needed to help you pay all of the expenses that come with the passing.

We’ll help you sort out the tax implications, working with experienced accountants, so that you’re not left holding a disproportionate share of the burden.

When There Are Disagreements

Sometimes, family members can have differing opinions on the validity of a will or the distribution of an estate. These instances often result in litigation, taking the case to court.

We’ve represented many clients in probate litigation cases throughout the years. We know that this process can be challenging, but we strive to give you the attention and legal guidance you need.

Call Us To Discuss The Probating Of Your Loved One’s Estate

Probate matters are often emotional and difficult to sort through. An impartial lawyer can be very beneficial in helping you through the situation. To schedule a consultation, call us at 865-951-7468, or schedule it online.