Helping Individuals After A Difficult Family Law Issue

A divorce is rarely easy or simple. Most of the time, it’s a watershed moment in a person’s life, and it deserves to be treated with care, compassion and attention.

Attorney Ron Attanasio at Sharp & Attanasio, Attorneys at Law, understands that the decisions you make during the divorce process can affect the rest of your life. That’s why we take steps to provide you with the attention and guidance you need as you begin a new stage of your life.

Over 30 Years Of Experience With Complex Divorce Matters

There’s a lot to consider in divorce, particularly in a high-asset divorce with significant equity (or debt) issues. In fact, dividing marital property is often the biggest cause of disagreements after child custody and support.

Whether it involves houses, automobiles, pensions (including 401(k)s and IRAs as well as military pensions), we can help answer your questions and formulate a strategy for moving forward.

Cases that involve business ownership and equitable division can easily become complicated. In most cases, businesses are counted as marital property, which can turn into a thorny issue once divorce proceedings begin. Even increases in your business’ value can be subject to division after a divorce.

We can help you sort out the paperwork and make sure you’re being protected, while acting in your best interests. We can also help individuals with cases that extend beyond the divorce, for example those involving post-divorce modifications. An experienced lawyer can help make the process less stressful.

Don’t Go Through The Divorce Process Unprepared

For three decades, attorney Ron Attanasio has helped clients through their divorce proceedings. To schedule a consultation, call us at 865-951-7468, or schedule it online. Our office is located in Knoxville, but we assist clients in nearby Tennessee counties as well.