We Offer Help And Guidance After A Serious Injury

A personal injury is always unexpected, yet will often have widespread effects. From constant pain to rising medical bills, including insurance costs, doctors’ fees and drug prices, the physical, mental and financial cost of recovery are high. That’s why we can help you recover compensation if someone else is responsible for your injury.

For over 30 years, attorney Ron Attanasio of Sharp & Attanasio, Attorneys at Law, has protected the rights of clients while recovering significant compensation on their behalf. Serving Knoxville and the surrounding Tennessee areas, we have the experience and drive to set our clients on a path to success and recovery.

Taking A Strong, Empathetic Approach To Your Injury

The last thing most people want after a serious injury is to be part of a legal process that can drag on and on. We focus on working with you to establish your goals, set a time frame and determine our best course of action. Whether that means negotiating to settle your claim sooner rather than later or taking it all the way to trial, our endgame is the same: making sure you have the necessary funds to cover your medical expenses, lost income and future care.

We assist clients with the following:

Whatever your situation calls for, our lawyers can handle it. We’ve regularly recovered six-figure sums for our clients.

Get The Attention Your Case Needs And Deserves

We understand how serious a personal injury can be. We’re selective with the cases we take on, allowing us to focus entirely on your matter, and provide you with the clear communication you should expect. For a consultation, call us at 865-951-7468, or schedule it online.