Fatal car accidents are always a somber event. They are truly devastating when the victims are people who were well-known and admired within the community. Such is the case in a fatal accident in Tennessee that claimed the lives of two prominent citizens. 

An accident on Mascot Road claimed the lives of the pastor of Three Points Baptist Church and his wife in September. The couple’s granddaughter was also in the vehicle and suffered critical injuries from which she is still recovering. The accident is back in the news due to the juvenile arrested for the accident went to court to enter a plea. 

The accident occurred after the juvenile stole a truck during an escape from a Department of Children’s Services facility. He  did have a passenger in the vehicle who was also a juvenile. When driving the stolen vehicle, the juvenile driver attempted to pass a dump truck, crossing the center line and striking the victim’s vehicle head-on. 

The juvenile returned to court this week to enter a guilty plea to two counts of vehicular homicide and one count of vehicular assault. He also made the same plea to one count of theft for the vehicle. The prosecution did drop charges for theft, escape, trespassing and vandalism. The case took place within the juvenile system, and the judge handed down a sentence that the juvenile remains in the custody of the juvenile detention center until he reaches the age of 19. However, the judge did remark he may qualify for early release due to good behavior. 

Source: WVLT TV