Any type of auto accident can cause injuries and fatalities in Tennessee. Many accidents can be avoided and the damage they may cause can be mitigated with evasive maneuvers, but there is little that can be done when a vehicle is in the wrong lane and sparks a head-on collision. These are among the riskiest types of car accidents leading to a host of potential problems physically, personally and financially. Recently, one such accident resulted in three people – including a child – being injured. Those who have been involved in such an accident should consider their legal options.

Car crosses center line leading to head-on collision

A mid-afternoon accident sent three people to the hospital. According to the investigation, a Hyundai Sonata was heading south when it apparently went over the center line of the road into the lanes with vehicles heading north. It subsequently collided with a Jeep. The Jeep’s driver was seriously hurt and airlifted to the hospital. The driver of the Hyundai suffered minor injuries and did not need to be taken to the hospital. A child, 4, was in the vehicle and hospitalized.

Many challenges may arise after an auto accident

People who are seriously hurt in a car crash may face a variety of issues in the aftermath. Medical treatment, surgical procedures and aftercare can be extensive and costly. There are often problems with getting back to normal including being able to work and contribute to a family. The family may be tasked with caring for a loved one in myriad ways. This can result in changes to the everyday life of the injured person and those who are needed to provide care and support. People often make the mistake of thinking insurance will compensate them for what they need. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Insurers focus on the bottom line above all and lowball offers are common. It is wise to know what steps to take to pay for all that was lost due to the accident.

Consulting with experienced legal professionals may be helpful

With the injuries from this crash, there may be long-term ramifications. These can be addressed through a legal filing. To ensure that an injured person and the family is protected after car accidents, it is important to consult with experienced legal professionals to determine how to proceed.