Suffering a blow to the head can have dangerous repercussions even if signs of an injury do not immediately show themselves. Sometimes the trauma from a head injury can damage the blood vessels in the brain, resulting in brain bleeding. This is a very serious situation that requires immediate medical treatment, or permanent injury or death could result. 

WebMD explains that brain bleeding is a form of stroke. Brain bleeding, also known as a cerebral hemorrhage, can pose a major threat to the brain itself. When blood leaks out on brain tissue, it causes irritation and leads to swelling, a condition known as cerebral edema. Blood that pools on brain tissue or in other areas can pool together and create a mass that presses on nearby brain tissue. This mass, called a hematoma, can cut off important blood flow and kill off brain cells. 

Brain bleeding may produce a variety of symptoms. Sometimes they develop quickly or over a period of time. When they do, they can impact motor functions or senses. Brain bleeding victims may have problems swallowing, hearing, tasting, reading, or writing. They might also lose their balance or experience tremors in the hand. Brain bleeding may also cause problems with sensations, like numbness. 

The effects of brain bleeding can create deadly situations. Some people experience an abrupt headache that feels very painful. The person may be in a delicate situation, like driving a vehicle, and suddenly thrown off balance by the pain. Brain bleeding can also result in a person losing consciousness, which can be deadly if the person falls onto a hard surface or is behind the wheel of a vehicle. 

The severe effects of brain bleeding make it something to check for in the aftermath of a head injury. A number of tests may reveal brain bleeding, like a CT scan, an MRI, or a neurological exam. Depending on how severe the bleeding is, doctors can treat it and the patient may fully recover from it. However, brain bleeding may also leave a person with a permanent disability due to a loss of brain function.