Traffic signals are in place across Tennessee to help regulate the flow of cars and trucks in high-traffic areas, but in many cases, these signaled intersections, themselves, are common grounds for car wrecks. At Sharp & Attanasio, we understand that the number of Americans losing their lives because of red-light runners is at a 10-year high, and we have helped many clients who lost loved ones or suffered injuries because of the negligence of other drivers seek recourse.

Per NBC News, an average of two people die every day in the United States because of drivers who run red lights, and in many cases, the people dying are not, in fact, the drivers who actually ran the red lights in the first place. In 2017, alone, 939 people died across the nation because drivers chose to run red lights, which is the highest number of traffic deaths caused by these circumstances since 2008.

Additionally, almost 30% of all deaths that occur nationwide at signaled intersections happen because of red-light runners. While traffic deaths, in general, have actually decreased across the nation by 10% since 2012, traffic deaths resulting from motorists running red lights have spiked 28% within the same time span, raising concerns about how to enhance safety in these areas.

Some communities and safety advocates believe that installing more red-light cameras at signaled intersections would lower the number of related traffic deaths. Others contend that motorists can help make themselves safer by exercising considerable care when traveling through intersections and waiting a moment after a light turns green before passing through. You can find more about car crashes on our webpage.