Say that you were in a car accident in Tennessee. The paramedics arrive to check out the other driver’s injuries, and they examine you as well. While you feel fine, would you know how to respond if they asked if you needed to go to the ER?

To help, the University of Utah Health interviewed a doctor. Understand which circumstances commonly call for a visit to the ER after a car accident.

Giving you all your medical options

One reason the paramedics may ask if you need to go to the ER rather than immediately take you there is that they may not feel you require more medical attention. That said, they still want you to know that going to the ER is an option. Sometimes, car accident victims who do need more in-depth medical attention refuse, maybe because they do not have insurance or cannot afford an ambulance ride.

How to decide your answer

When asked if you want to go to the ER, you should take a moment to determine if you are in any pain. If paramedics see the beginnings of a bruise anywhere on your body, you may want to at least get X-rays, even something like a CT scan if you may have sustained a head injury. Any type of neck injury or potential neck injury calls for a visit to the ER.

Experiencing pain the next day

If you refuse a trip to the ER and wake up the next morning in discomfort, it could be musculoskeletal pain. A trip to urgent care may be in your best interests, as you do not want to risk your health.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.