No matter where you live in Tennessee, car accidents happen every day. Many of these collisions appear to occur in Davidson County, which had an injury crash rate of 20.06 in 2017, reports the Tennessee Highway Safety Office. 

Most people will be in an auto accident at some point in their lives. When one happens to you, you need to know exactly whom to call. You need to get in touch with your auto insurance agency within 24 hours. You will speak with an agent, and you need to be extremely careful about what you say. 

Stick to the facts

Your emotions may run high after a traumatic event. It may be tough to remember what exactly happened, so at first, you should tell the agent the date and time of the collision. You should do your best to recall exactly what happened. Provide details about your speed and what the weather was like. If there is anything you are unsure of, then you should say, “I do not know” rather than guess. 

Remain vague about your injuries

You do not want to say you are fine after a collision. You also do not want to say you have a specific injury, because your insurance agency will hold you to that. You can simply say you have not seen a doctor yet and wish to get a checkup. You should also see a doctor within 24 hours of the collision. For many people, it will be preferable to go to a hospital first to get a clearer picture of any injuries. 

Provide relevant information about the other driver

After the crash, you want to get the other driver’s insurance information, driver’s license number and contact information. Your insurance agent will ask for all of this, and it will work to your advantage to already have it. You can refer the insurance agent to your attorney if anything else is necessary.