Unfortunately, car accidents can result in fatalities and change the lives of victims and their families forever in an instant. During 2014, 3,179 victims were killed in car accidents involving distracted drivers. Fatal motor vehicle accidents can be caused in a variety of different ways and victims have legal protections to be aware of in each instance.

Fatal car accidents can be caused by texting while driving and other types of distracted driving; driving under the influence which can include driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or prescription drugs; driver fatigue; reckless driving; poor weather conditions and a failure to properly adjust to poor weather conditions; inexperienced or elderly drivers; and by many other causes as well. When a negligent driver has caused a car accident that has resulted in a fatality, they may be liable to compensate family members for the loss and harm they have suffered.

Wrongful death legal protections can help surviving family members recover compensation for medical and funeral expenses; loss of support and services; lost prospect of inheritance; and other damages as well. The damages available when a wrongful death claim has been made are based on the circumstances and the characteristics of the victim. A wrongful death claim for damages is brought on behalf of the lost loved one’s estate for the benefit of surviving family members who can use help with the financial and emotional damages they have suffered.

Wrongful death legal protections are an important type of protection for family members who have lost a loved one in a fatal car accident to be familiar with. Surviving family members should know how to hold the negligent driver responsible for causing the car accident accountable and a wrongful death claim for damages is one option.