Any type of motor vehicle accident can result in serious injuries and deaths, but truck accidents are particularly deadly. When a semi-truck collides with a passenger car, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian, the aftermath may be catastrophic.

Large truck crashes occur for a variety of reasons, including driver mistakes and mechanical errors. Take a minute to learn the top reasons that big rig wrecks happen.

Drowsy truck drivers

Truck drivers haul shipments over long distances. They need to be on the roads for long hours. However, there are strict regulations that dictate how long truck drivers can travel without resting. Drivers often violate these rules, either on their own accord or because of pressure from their employers. Tired truck drivers have slow reaction times, reduced ability to pay attention and impaired judgment. 

Distracted truck drivers

Distractions are problematic for everyone who drives, but they can be especially fatal when it comes to truck drivers. Truck drivers may get distracted by using their phones, eating, drinking, using dispatch devices or reading maps. Any type of distraction may cause a critical truck collision.

Brake malfunctions

Most tractor-trailer trucks have air brakes, which help the vehicle to slow down more effectively. When air brake systems fail, heavy trucks become deadly. Malfunctioning air brakes can quickly create a dangerous scenario.

Blind spots

Commercial trucks have massive blind spots. These “no-zones” can cause deadly accidents to occur. If a truck driver does not notice you to the side or closely behind, he or she may cause a collision.


It takes a lot of skill to drive an enormous truck. If truck drivers do not have enough experience or training, they are more likely to cause accidents. Trucking companies must provide sufficient training regarding safety concerns, driving techniques and defensive driving. 

If you suffer an injury because of a collision with a big rig vehicle, you may want to pursue compensation.