Wrongful death resources are available to help surviving family members of victims of car and other accidents who are wrongfully killed. What exactly is a wrongful death claim and how can it help loved ones following the devastating loss of a family member?

A fatal motor vehicle accident can take everything away from a family in an instant. A wrongful death claim for damages can be brought on behalf of surviving family members by the estate of the lost loved one for the benefit of surviving family members who may suffer financial and emotional harm as a result of the loss of their loved one.

Wrongful death claims for damages can be brought according to wrongful death statutes in each state to help surviving family members who have unexpectedly experienced the loss of a loved one because of another party’s negligence. Damages available to surviving family members through a wrongful death claim for damages are particular to the characteristics of the victim and circumstances but can include funeral and medical expenses, loss of support and services, lost prospect of inheritance and other damages as well, depending on the circumstances.

A wrongful death claim for damages can be brought against the negligent party who caused the death such as a negligent driver who was driving under the influence, driving while distracted or engaging in some other careless activity at the time they caused the car accident. Because wrongful death legal options are an important protection for surviving family members whose loved one has been wrongfully taken from them, it is essential for families to understand what they are.