Car accidents are shockingly common throughout Tennessee. One recent fatal accident occurred on May 5th, and a 78-year old man faces charges of homicide, reckless driving and aggravated assault for the incident. 

Fatalities make up a minority of car accident results in the state. However, plenty of people sustain injuries following a car crash. Even if you believe it is a cut-and-dry case, such as the other driver clearly being at fault, you should still hire an attorney to handle the minutiae of the case. 

1. Handle your insurance agency

Your insurance company will try to get ahold of you following the crash. You should always contact your auto insurance provider following a crash to begin the claims process, but you should not provide too many details without a lawyer present. As you focus on recovering from your injuries, your attorney can negotiate with the insurance adjuster while representing your best interests. 

2. Determine the actual value of your claim

There is much more to a car accident claim than recovering the value of your medical bills. There are also lost wages to consider, as well as pain and suffering. This can all be a lot to calculate on your own. In many cases, the insurance agency will try to get you to settle immediately. Even if the settlement offer seems like a lot of money, you should still have your lawyer review it first. An attorney may suggest taking the claim to court if he or she believes you can get a lot more that will actually cover all of your expenses.

3. Prove liability

Even if you know for a fact the other driver holds 100 percent of the liability, that may not be easy to prove in court on your own. A personal injury lawyer will obtain the official accident report from the police and interview witnesses to acquire the clearest picture possible. The attorney handles all this while you recover at home.